Two Years of Joy…and Counting

It’s been a very busy two years for this fun family, and I’ve been busy helping them capture memories as life flies by. I’ve known Jess since she was eleven years old. I watched her grow up, and now I get to watch her sons grow up, too! Wow! I am thankful!

It’s obvious by the number of sessions we’ve done in the last two years that both Jess and Matt are intentional about creating keepsakes of their lives through photography. An investment? Yes, but, oh, so worth it! Yesterday never comes back; how glad I am that I was able to help them preserve a little piece of yesterday in these images.

Just over two years ago, I had the joy of photographing Matt and Jess’s engagement session. Imagine a romantic evening in Downtown Norfolk, a couple very much in love, and sweet light, and you’ll get a great idea of what our session was like. Magic!

Fast forward to 10.10.10. The setting: Jess’s parents’ river house on the Northern Neck of Virginia. The cast: Loving family and friends wholeheartedly entering into the joy of this wonderful couple.  The theme:  A wedding focused not only on their love for one another but their love for their families, too. I’ll never forget Jess’s dances with both her dad and her grandfather. Precious.

But wait, there’s more! A maternity shoot followed in August 2011. Beach anyone?  Suggest that Matt carry Jess on his shoulders to the perfect spot for a photo, and then Matt effortlessly did it? Yup, that’s Matt and Jess! They’re up for anything that will make a good picture. I am one lucky photographer!

Soon after our August maternity shoot, Lincoln came along, so of course newborn pictures were a  MUST. His newborn pictures, just like their wedding pictures, were all about Lincoln being part of his family. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen two brothers who love their little brother as much as Z and P.

Fall rolled around, and it was time for the annual family portrait photo session. Another great night in Norfolk and another amazing session with Jess and her boys–all five of them.

How could we not take 6-month pictures of our handsome Mr. Lincoln? Kisses, kisses, kisses! I just want to eat him up! You have no idea how fun this session was. I don’t think Lincoln knows HOW to fuss.

Round out the last two years with our annual family session this fall which also doubled as Lincoln’s one-year pictures, and you’ll get an idea of the JOY I’ve experienced with this precious family!

Thanks Jess and Matt for inviting me into your lives and giving me the honor of documenting your changing, growing family. Love you all!

TIP: Jess is the BEST at using all of her images. She gives each female member of the family a small photo album with a 4 x 6 print of each of the images from each shoot. What a great way to be sure these keepsakes end up with the people who value them most.

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