Courtnay and Adrien…Books, Coffee, and Fountain Climbing!

Courtnay and Adrien’s engagement session was originally scheduled for Saturday afternoon– beautiful, sunny, warm Saturday afternoon. One small problem…Adrien flew in for the session from Oklahoma, and the airline lost his luggage (shocking, I know). During the time we were supposed to be taking pictures in downtown, Courtnay and Adrien were at the Norfolk International Airport trying to find his luggage. Since Adrien was flying back to Oklahoma early Sunday evening, the only time we could do the session was Sunday afternoon–rainy, gray, chilly Sunday afternoon, an afternoon I would typically call my client to reschedule. I am so glad rescheduling wasn’t an option this time.

Despite the less than ideal weather, I felt a sense of excited expectation as I drove toย  meet Courtnay and Adrien in the pouring rain. I just KNEW we were in for a great afternoon and that their pictures would be unique because of the unique circumstances surrounding them.

Courtnay and Adrien love books, so what better place to begin the session than the charming Prince Books on Main Street? Here’s one of my many favorites from this spot.

The rain let up, so we set up outside for a little reading, swing dancing, and fountain climbing. =)

Our final destination was Fairgrounds Coffee Shop in Ghent where Courtnay and Adrien went on the evening they were engaged. Yummy coffee, new friends, and lots of laughs!

Joy and love ooze from these two. What a great afternoon…rain and all!

2 thoughts on “Courtnay and Adrien…Books, Coffee, and Fountain Climbing!

  1. Nothing expresses unconditiinal love better than capturing it in a photo. And it just amazes me how it was captured here multiple times. I am so blessed to be a part of this love story. Thank you for including me. Love, hugs and kisses to you both. ML

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