I Got All My Sisters With Me!

We’ve been doing “four girl photo shoots” since my youngest daughter was born, almost 13 years ago. My girls have become pros at photo shoots. They’ve learned that we won’t finish until I get the shots I want, so they’ve learned to be cooperative and to move quickly. Moving quickly, however,Β  usually ends in hysterical laughter thus creating some of my favorite shots.

Photo shoots have changed throughout the years. When they were little, I did everything–chose the clothes, the location, and the poses. I was never sure what kind of pictures we’d get; sometimes they were great and others not so much. I remember one time a good friend and excellent photographer, Bethany Baird, agreed to do a sunrise beach shoot of the four girls wearing flower girl dresses from a wedding they had recently been in. Well…one of my four, who shall remain nameless, decided she didn’t want to get her picture taken and cried the entire time we were at the beach. Most of our “four girl photos” had three girls in them. The result of that shoot was one shot with three cheerful girls and one very miserable one. You know, there is something about that picture that is priceless to me. Maybe because it brings back vivid memories, ones that I’ll never be able to relive. Maybe it’s because, looking back, I can see that when you ask little girls to be cheerful at sunrise when it’s only 45 degrees outside, you might be asking too much. Either way, I love that picture! It’s still hanging in my house today–10 years later.

As time passed, the girls took increasingly more control overΒ  the photo shoots. They usually decide what they wear and the type of setting they want. We talk about what they like and what I like, and we usually all end up happy. Here are a few from our latest shoot last week.

7 thoughts on “I Got All My Sisters With Me!

  1. These are so great Mel.

    I had forgotten about that beach morning until now. It was cold. Haha. I remember donut bribes too. Haha.

    So since you are gonna be here in July…..I think you should get the experience with my kiddos on the beach. I’m sure a little 3 year old or soon to be then two year old will return the favor.

    Miss you so much. Can’t wait to play together again. It’s been too long. Hugs.

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