Light, Leaves and a Fun Family.

I’ve been photographing this family  for the past five years. I’m their “official photographer,” and I’m glad for that title! I absolutely love every session we do because they are so much fun to be with. Mom and Dad are very much in love, and are up for anything I suggest. Through the years we’ve had leaf fights, foot races, blown bubbles, made silly faces (which they printed and hung on their wall) and crammed into an old-fashioned phone booth. The kids are a blast, and there’s a bit of mischievousness in them, too. (Can you guess from this year’s sneak peek which one is most mischievous?) This year’s session wasn’t marked so much by craziness as it was by gorgeous light, brilliant leaves, and genuine smiles. (OK, someone–actually all four kids, had to climb a tree, but isn’t that what kids do?)

3 thoughts on “Light, Leaves and a Fun Family.

  1. i would personally consider this your best shoot yet, Mel!! such crisp/clear images, gorgeous spot-on skin tones, and lovely golden bokeh. awesome job!!

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