The Hunts…We Were Young.

One of the things I’ve loved most about being a photographer is getting to watch families grow up through the lens of my camera. Seeing pictures of the same family that span through the years affects me in several ways. For one thing, it’s hard to believe kids grow up while I have yet to age. =) Second, I see improvement and growth in my photography skill and style, and third, it produces overwhelming gratefulness for the amazing people I have in my life.

The Hunts are one of the wonderful families that I’ve been able to photograph through the years. They are friends, dear friends. The mom taught two of my daughters violin, and she is also responsible for introducing my other two daughters to Irish dance. I remind her and her husband of that whenever I need to write large checks for shoes or dresses. =) The Hunt sons are the brothers my four girls never had, and the girls are excellent role models and sources of encouragement and wisdom to my girls.

Just like my photography has grown and improved, so has The Hunts music. What began as seven, talented, young children fiddling and Irish dancing has turned into seven young men and women writing their own indie folk music, making a cd (available here), and touring the country.

Recently The Hunts played at the NorVa in Norfolk, VA, and our family was able to go. What a great show! Here are a few images from it.

IMG_0022 IMG_0007 IMG_9996 IMG_9999IMG_0032 IMG_0036

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