365 in 2013, January Comes to an End.

One month down, and only eleven to go! Here’s a picture-a-day from January 19-31!

Kerri being introduced at a home game.
Eric is an amazing preacher! The string ensemble this Sunday included Taylor and her first three violin teachers.
An away game in Richmond against the Patriots. The SG Cougars came home victorious!
Maddie doing a little cross training with P90X Plyometrics in preparation for Worlds.
This is what I see most mornings when I come home after teaching my early morning aerobics classes.
A cold day outside calls for reading The Scarlet Pimpernel in front of a warm fire with a cup of hot chocolate. Gotta love homeschooling.
Ceili loved the snow!
Happy Birthday Brian! Sushi at home, followed by The Hunts at the NorVa and then ice cream, shakes, and french fries at Doumar’s. What fun night of birthday festivities!
Sweet Mercies, the women’s ministry at our church, featured my friend Linda who talked about the trials in her life in light of the hope she has in Christ. Wonderful, encouraging, and faith-building evening.
Ceili has a new little friend.
Brian’s parents stopped by for a visit on their way to Florida. The four of us went out to lunch at The Cutting Edge in Chesapeake. YUMMY!
Hooray for Taylor! License…check!
My parents were in town helping my sister and brother-in-law after his knee surgery. They came over for dinner one night, and my crazy nephew Chris joined us. Here is Chris playing the slapping game with Grandma. =)

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