March Madness 2013, Project 365

The phrase “March Madness” is traditionally used when referring to the tournaments at the end of college basketball season. When you have two basketball players AND two Irish dancers for daughters, March Madness takes on a whole new meaning. This March had the Wasko Family at two regular season basketball tournaments (both out of town), the beginning of AAU basketball, dancing in a Saint Patrick’s Day parade, performing three times at various events and concerts, and competing in the World Irish Dance Championships in Boston. Brian also played in a volleyball league; Stef began her job as an Irish dancer in the Busch Gardens show Celtic Fyre, and one of my daughters is fortunate enough to have her birthday on St. Patrick’s Day, too! In addition, I was blessed to photograph an amazing wedding on March 16.Whew! As busy as March is each year, I wouldn’t trade the wonderful, crazy, fun memories we make.

03.01.13 03.02.13 03.03.13 03.04.13 03.05.13 03.07.13 03.08.13b 03.09.13 03.10.13 03.11.13 03.12.13 03.13.13 03.14.13 03.15.13b 03.16.13934A7765_0091 03.18.1303.19.1303.20.13 03.21.13934A7832

03.23.13 03.24.13 03.25.13 03.26.13 03.27.13 03.28.13 03.29.13 03.30.23 03.31.13

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