Why Mini Sessions?

Sometimes a full, professional portrait session is just too much…too much time, too many pictures, and, honestly, too much money. That’s why I love offering mini sessions. Mini sessions provide families, couples, and seniors the opportunity to get professional images made without committing to a full session. My mini sessions differ from my full sessions in a few ways.

1) Time. A regular session lasts between an hour and an hour and a half. Mini sessions are 30 minutes long.

2) Location. With full sessions, we choose a location together; we discuss options and decide where will best suit your preferences. With mini sessions, I choose one location in advance and all mini sessions are held there. I choose locations with a number of setting options, so even though the mini sessions are in the same place, each session has its own look and feel. The images below are all from my fall mini session event and were taken at the same location.

3) Number of Enhanced Images. Mini sessions include your choice of six images for artistic enhancement. A full session includes more.

4) Price. Because I choose one location, limit the sessions to 30 minutes, and schedule multiple sessions on one day, I am able to offer a lower price than a full session.

Some things never change…

1) Quality. Artistic enhancements are the same in both mini and full sessions.

2) High Resolution Downloads. Like my full sessions, the images you choose for artistic enhancement will be delivered as digital downloads, and you will have a license to print those images at cost for personal use.  You’ll also be given web ready versions for use on social media.

3) Personal Attention. Before, during, and after the session.

4) A Great Experience. We will have fun, and we will eat candy at the end of the session. =)


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