Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Hanna!

I’m a day late, but I’d like to wish a very happy anniversary to Peter and Laurel-Manette!

When I think about their wedding day, I think beauty, passion, joy, and celebration. Theirs was the union of musician and artist. It was the joining of two families who have known and loved each other for years. It was memorable and meaningful and FUN!

The bride was simply stunning, and the groom was as handsome as he was happy. Gorgeous flowers (arranged and grown by the bride’s mother and sister), delicious food, happy people, and a gorgeous setting combined to create an unforgettable evening.

WallisHanna_0042 WallisHanna_0583 WallisHanna_0555


WallisHanna_0170 WallisHanna_0277a WallisHanna_0270a WallisHanna_0185 WallisHanna_0102 WallisHanna_0216-10x20





WallisHanna_0839 WallisHanna_0844 copy

WallisHanna_0909  WallisHanna_0859

WallisHanna_0875 WallisHanna_0871


WallisHanna_1438 WallisHanna_1444

WallisHanna_0449  WallisHanna_0411a copy

WallisHanna_1305a WallisHanna_0764.5x15

WallisHanna_1020 WallisHanna_1026  WallisHanna_1056  WallisHanna_1524 WallisHanna_1531




\WallisHanna_1623 WallisHanna_1625

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