My Favorite Senior, Taylor, Class of 2014

Taylor is my favorite senior; she is also my daughter.

Taylor is fun and full of life; she is a faithful daughter, friend, and follower of Christ. When she was a little girl she was afraid of EVERYTHING! She wouldn’t even play games at our church picnic unless I held her hand. Well, she’s grown out of that and has become quite adventurous and independent in the best possible way.

Taylor loves children, especially those with special needs and who come from difficult backgrounds. She worked at Camp Hope Haven as a counselor for two summers and is heading off to PA to work at Camp LaDore, a Salvation Army summer camp, where she will teach music and be a counselor.

Taylor LOVES sports; she loves to play them and to watch them. All teams Philadelphia are her favorites; thanks to her dad!

I love Taylor Grace. Her middle name suits her well. I see grace in her life, and I experience God’s grace in mine through her.

When you have a daughter who is a senior, and who is interested in photography, you get to do more than one senior photo shoot! How fun…for both of us! I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from our senior photo shoots!

Tay_0011 Tay_0012

14LOVE_0079 copy934A0233 934A0316-2 934A0202 copy    934A0358a copy 3 934A0364 copyHSProm_0020 copyHSProm_0021 copy

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