Rachel and Jonathan

Jonathan and Rachel’s wedding was perfect. What an amazing couple; what amazing love and commitment for each other. Jonathan was deployed for the last year; most of that time he spent in Afghanistan where he was in real danger most days. Rachel was back home…waiting and praying, oh and planning a wedding. The peace and faith that Rachel possessed was an amazing thing to watch. I admire both of them so much. Jonathan for his courage and commitment to serve our country, and Rachel for her unwavering peace in a situation of unknowns. I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from Jonathan and Rachel’s wedding. Special thanks to Amy Bare for assisting and for some amazing pictures of the guys! IMG_3725IMG_3746IMG_3816 IMG_3830 IMG_3872JonRach_0072JonRach_0079JonRach_0139JonRach_0106JonRach_0178JonRach_0225JonRach_0227JonRach_0248JonRach_0274IMG_3893-1JonRach_0292IMG_3973JonRach_0572IMG_3983JonRach_0318JonRach_0345IMG_3998-1JonRach_0361IMG_4035JonRach_0467IMG_4161IMG_4172IMG_4187JonRach_0636JonRach_0655JonRach_0660aJonRach_0664JonRach_0674aJonRach_0684JonRach_0698JonRach_0721aJonRach_0726abJonRach_0844JonRach_0852JonRach_0869JonRach_0886a


Visit Rachel and Jonathan’s wedding story to see more amazing images from their wedding!

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