Promises Kept.

I love wedding photography. I love the hope, excitement and optimism permeating weddings as a couple begins their future together. Weddings celebrate the beginning of something new, something more than the two individuals would be if they remained apart. While a wedding celebrates the making of promises, a 50th anniversary commemorates promises kept and vows fulfilled. I love celebrating that faithfulness.

More than half a century ago, after enlisting in the U.S. Navy, Dante left the Philippines to begin a new life in the United States. He moved to New York, eager to serve his new country that offered him such great opportunity. About the same time, Virginia left a different island of the Philippines and also ended up in New York where she became a nurse. Dante and Virginia met through a group of mutual friends.

After dating for a few months, Dante and Virginia got engaged and were married. For the next five decades, Dante continued to serve his country while Virginia worked as a nurse. They also had three daughters.Theirs is a life that has been filled with service, love, and generosity. At their 50th anniversary celebration, person after person spoke of their kindness, their “adoption” of friends into the family and their support through good and bad times.

Dante and Virginia’s daughters organized and executed a beautiful party to honor their parents with delicious food, beautiful flowers, a slideshow, live singing from their amazingly talented granddaughter, and of course, toasts, dances, and cake. Family and friends from all over the country converged in Virginia Beach for the happy event…even the original group of New York friends, who are really more like family, made if for the grand gala.

Through fifty years of great joy, forgiveness given and received, anxiety and fear, for better or for worse is the steady beat of loyalty, faithfulness, mercy, and love. Without those there wouldn’t be fifty years.


Acedo_0105  Acedo_0142 Acedo_0184  Acedo_0218

The Original New York Group!

Acedo_0243 Acedo_0271 Acedo_0321  Acedo_0357 Acedo_0375 Acedo_0399 Acedo_0416  Acedo_0493 Acedo_0495 Acedo_0519 Acedo_0526 Acedo_0535 Acedo_0553 Acedo_0820Acedo_0656

Acedo_0077Acedo_0015Acedo_0051Acedo_0032Acedo_0885  Acedo_0959 Acedo_0972


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