Congratulations Class of 2015! Virginia Senior Photographer

I love taking senior pictures. I think it’s because I love teenagers. I love the teenage years…so full of opportunities, decisions, energy, and yes, angst. But I love seeing potential in people. I love seeing young people not just through my camera lens but through the lens of possibility. One of my favorite educational writers, Debra Bell, once said, “Giftings are clues to callings.” That phrase has stuck with me as I mother my four daughters and as I interact with people of all ages. Each of us really does have a set of gifts…talents, proficiencies, passions, and those gifts are clues to what we should do with our lives. It’s fun to uncover those gifts and talents and to explore how they might be used.

I have four daughters, and they have very different types of gifts. One is gifted in writing and foreign languages, another is my “social leader” and has a teaching skill, one is very athletic and helpful (she’ll actually do dishes without being asked), and the fourth has a way with children and animals and is sensative to how people are feeling. One of the things my husband and I have made a priority in our parenting is to help our girls not compare themselves with each other–or anyone else for that matter.

When we realize that we can’t do EVERYTHING but that we are made to do SOMETHING very specific, it frees us to enjoy how we are made and to pursue what we should do without comparing ourselves to anyone else. And that’s what I’d want the Class of 2015 to remember as they begin the next chapter of their lives. Each of you is unique, and the way you’re made is not like anyone else. You have something to do.

This year I was fortunate to photograph seniors in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Alexandria, Virginia. We took pictures on the beach, at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, at the historic Francis Land House, in woods and fields, at sunrise and sunset, in industrial workplaces, in parking garages, and on city streets. I love how location, wardrobe, and even time of day reflect the distinct and exceptional personality of each of these graduates!

Thank you for choosing me as your senior photographer! Thank you for letting me capture and preserve a very special part of your life! I pray that you find your unique call in the next stage of your life and that you experience great joy and success. I am FOR you!

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