17 Years and Five Kids Later

Seventeen years ago I was the mistress of ceremonies for Mike and Farrah’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding held at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens in Norfolk Virginia. Mike and Farrah’s love for each other was romantic, fresh, and full of hope.

Seventeen years later, they are parents of five kids and though life has not been easy (is it ever?), they have kept their commitment to love each other and to persevere in their marriage. Years of love, forgiveness, tears, laughter, certainty and confusion, but ultimately seventeen years filled with the goodness and grace of God.

On May 17, Mike and Farrah renewed their wedding vows to each other standing on the same spot where they first made them. Their five children acted as their wedding pary, and the pastor who officiated their ceremony seventeen years ago, Eric Hughes, senior pastor of Redeemer Church Chesapeake, led them through their vows once again.

In some ways, this celebration was more meaningful than the first. It represented promises kept and vows fulfilled, and it confirmed their intention to keep keeping their promises.

I’m thankful to have been part of Mike and Farrah’s wedding and their anniversary celebration. I’d love to be a part of your memorable events, too. Call now to schedule a wedding, event or family portrait session. I’d love to capture and preserve priceless moments for you and those you love. 757.362.4353

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