Sadie is ONE! Virginia Family Photographer

Sadie is one, and I got to go to her birthday party.

I met Sadie when she was just a few days old, and I’ve been blessed to have photographed her (and her family) four times this year. Sadie is about as cute as they come. She is cheerful and smiley and loves to be on the go. Sadie is an “all in” kind of girl…just look at those cake pictures! She is loved dearly by her parents, big brother,  big sister, and countless number of family members and friends (as well as her photographer!)

I love that I get to see little people grow up and develop personalities and preferences. I love watching them explore their worlds and interact with people and their surroundings. I love capturing those looks that define who they are. I love that I get to preserve those looks in images that will grow in value as the children grow up.

Bob Dylan says, “Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them.” I’m so glad that Sadie’s family is taking care of their memories. They are, after all, only lived once.

I’d love to capture and preserve timeless memories for you. Call to set up your one-of-a-kind session! 757.362.4353

Sadie_0002 Sadie_0006 Sadie_0284 Sadie_0288Sadie_0385Sadie_0392Sadie_0465_1Sadie_0518_1Sadie_0528_1Sadie_0557Sadie_0459


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