Katrina. Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School. Class of 2016. Virginia Senior Photographer

Katrina’s senior photo session began soon after dawn on a Saturday morning driving down Virginia Beach country roads in search of morning mist lingering over fields. We didn’t find the mist, but we DID find a great place to take some of her senior pictures. After we explored Pungo Farms, we headed back to Katrina’s home for the rest of her session where we got pictures in places that hold special memories for her…her backyard, by her favorite tree on the driveway, and on the porch hammock.

Katrina is a senior at Bishop Sullivan High School in Virginia Beach, and she loves basketball, running, drawing, reading, and spending time with children. She loves art, Ingrid Michaelson, Maroon 5, and Train.  She also loves chocolate–a girl after my own heart.

Katrina is what we called “noog” in college. I’m sure none of you know what that means unless you were one of my good friends at the University of Virginia. When described as “noog,” it means that someone is a wonderful combination of cute (as in attractive physically), fun, kind, joyful, and almost too good to be true. When you are with a “noog” person, you can’t help smiling. A “noog” person makes everyone she is with feel loved, special, interesting, and important. And that’s how I felt on Katrina’s senior photo shoot. Katrina has gorgeous green eyes, and though I love the color of her beautiful eyes, what I love more is how they twinkle when she laughs and smiles, which she does often.

Katrina is the kind of person who you KNOW is going to make a difference in the world because she is genuine, loving, and truly cares for others. I found myself smiling as I drove home from our session thinking about our time together and her “noogness.”

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