Courtney. Centerville Homeschool Academy, Class of 2016. Virginia Senior Photographer

Meet Courtney. You’d never know it from these pictures, but when Courtney was a little girl she hated having her picture taken. My family regularly vacationed with Courtney and her family, and she was often in tears when it came time for group pictures. When her mom told her it was time to get her picture taken, her gorgeous blue eyes would fill with tears as she silently sobbed. We have several group pictures from those years where either Courtney is missing or she is crying uncontrollably. The other day we were driving to a basketball game together and as we reminisced about those times, she was really uncertain as to why she was so upset, so scared.

I’m not sure either, but I do know that that scared little girl has grown up, and she’s not so scared anymore. Courtney is a really good surfer; she loves to read and is an excellent student; she loves animals (especially dogs); Courtney has a beautiful voice and regularly sings on our church’s youth group worship band, and she isn’t afraid of the camera anymore.

Courtney is a bit on the quiet side, but she is thoughtful and has a mischievous streak to her, too. I love that I got to be her senior photographer, but I love more that I’m one of her “other mothers” and have had the joy of watching her grow up her whole life.

From the time she was a baby, Courtney has loved the beach. It was really the only place take her senior pictures because it’s such a part of who she is.


cwblog 2
Those eyes!


cwblog 1.jpg

cwblog 3cwblog 4cwblog 6

cwblog 7
Like mother, like daughter. Two beautiful people.


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