Grandma is 100!

On March 19, family and friends gathered at The Church of Saint Anastasia in Teaneck, NJ to celebrate the 100th birthday of Catherine Regan. Catherine, or Grandma, is my husband’s grandmother, and for nearly the past three decades she has been mine, too.

Catherine’s grandchildren collaborated to create a beautiful, memorable afternoon complete with balloons, party favors, flowers, a kids craft table, picture collages, and a book of 100 memories. A lunch buffet was served, and there was an array of delicious desserts to complete the meal. It was a wonderful event.

Grandma is quite a character. She is quick-witted, remembers everything, and always has a come back. Her ability to retrieve information amazes me, especially given the number of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren she has. Did I mention she’s 100?

Uncle Kevin, a deacon at St. Anastasia’s, pronounced a blessing and prayed for Grandma, and Uncle Bob gave a wonderful tribute to her. Most of the content from this blog post comes from what he shared.

Here are some fun facts you can claim when you’ve lived a century:

Including our current president, there have been 17 different presidents in Grandma’s lifetime. She was born when Woodrow Wilson was president.

Grandma was 11 when Charles Lindberg made the first TransAtlantic flight.

She was 12 when Walt Disney produced his first Mickey Mouse cartoon.

She was 13 when the stock market crashed and 17 when prohibition ended.

Grandma was 23 when WWII began and 29 when it ended.

She was 45 when the first man went in to space and 53 when the first man landed on the moon.

Grandma married the love of her life, Francis Regan, in 1942 and had her first child in 1943. Her first grandchild, Brian, was born in 1966, and her first great-grandchild, Stephanie, was born in 1994. Catherine Regan brought nine children into the world and dedicated her life to loving and raising them. Today she has 15 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren with one more on the way.

Grandma has lived through 100 years of change…new inventions and technologies, births and deaths, joys and sorrows, and also plenty of ordinary days doing the best she can to love and take care of her family and friends. So with gratefulness and much love, I wish you a very happy 100th Birthday Catherine Regan! Your life is cause for celebration not just because you made it 100 years, but because of they way you have lived that life.

GrandmaBlog 1GrandmaBlog 2GrandmaBlog 3GrandmaBlog 4GrandmaBlog 5GrandmaBlog 6GrandmaBlog 7

ABOVE: Grandma with her children.

BELOW LEFT: Most of her grandchildren. BELOW RIGHT: Most of her great-grandchildren.

GrandmaBlog 8GrandmaBlog 9GrandmaBlog 10GrandmaBlog 11GrandmaBlog 12

ABOVE: Most of the family. We are missing a few grands and great-grands.

GrandmaBlog 13GrandmaBlog 14


3 thoughts on “Grandma is 100!

  1. Mrs. Regan you are a lovely woman and you have a beautiful family. Looks like you had a very fun birthday and many more to come. lisa Lantrip

  2. A magnificent family gathering for the Queen of the Regans. Amazing pics. Mrs. Regan you look so well and strong at 100. I would know you anywhere.Much love and kisses to you from your old neighbors from 150 Circle Drive– Teaneck.The Vanden-Bulckes.—- Bill Vanden-Bulcke (Billy Van)

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