My first annual Paint Wars FUNdraiser was a huge success! I am so thankful for the 40 high school students and many volunteers who came out yesterday to have fun and get messy while doing good! They are THE BEST!

Four teams, representing seven different local high schools, converged in Chesapeake, VA to compete in a series of paint war games. Each team paid an entry fee, and the winning team won 100% of funds left over after event costs to donate to their charity.

#MWPaintWars2016 1

The team from Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School played for the American Cancer Society,  a team of students from Ocean Lakes and Tallwood High School played for Beach Bags,  students from Norfolk Academy, Atlantic Shores Christian School, and Princess Anne High School played for  H.O.P.E. Dominican Republic, and a group of home school students from Centerville Homeschool Academy represented Sanyu Babies’ Home.

#MWPaintWars2016 16

#MWPaintWars2016 consisted of three rounds. Round 1 was a paint the flag type game where the players used plastic spoons to flick paint on each other. The goal of the game was to keep your “flag” (white foam board with each team’s number on it) as clean as possible.

#MWPaintWars2016 19#MWPaintWars2016 18#MWPaintWars2016 17#MWPaintWars2016 4

Round 2 was a balloon toss; the balloons, of course, were filled with paint instead of water.

#MWPaintWars2016 20#MWPaintWars2016 3#MWPaintWars2016 2

Round 3 was the same type of game as Round 1 except the players used water launchers to spray paint at the “flags”…and each other.

#MWPaintWars2016 10#MWPaintWars2016 9#MWPaintWars2016 8#MWPaintWars2016 7#MWPaintWars2016 6#MWPaintWars2016 5

Our day ended with groups photos, door prizes, and pizza donated by Chicho’s at Greenbrier. Thank you Chicho’s!

#MWPaintWars2016 15#MWPaintWars2016 13

Mary won a  Coldstone gift card; Maddie won an iTunes gift card, and Haven won a Melanie Wasko Photography Mini Session!

#MWPaintWars2016 12#MWPaintWars2016 11

Team 1, representing Sanyu Babies’ Home in Uganda was our winner! A $200 donation will be given to Sanyu Babies’ Home on behalf of the team!

#MWPaintWars2016 14

Many, many thanks to the following people for helping me pull off this super event:

First, THANK YOU to all the high school students who played in the FIRST ANNUAL Paint Wars FUNdraiser. You were awesome. I loved being able to spend the afternoon with you. Your enthusiasm was so fun, and I love that you wanted to do something for someone other than yourselves. AND, I’m glad you had a good time, too! Special thanks to my four team captains for convincing your friends that this would be fun and worthwhile: Madison, Josh, Aidan, and Sam.

Thanks to my husband, Brian, and my four daughters (Stef, Tay, Kerri, and Madi) for helping me plan and think through everything and for not seeming too irritated when all I wanted to talk about was Paint Wars.

Thanks to my soon-to-be son-in-law Kody and nephew Chris for keeping everyone supplied with paint, setting up the tents, tearing everything down, and in general for being two of my very favorite people.

Thanks to Madison Warner, Alaina Orth, Elise Hughes, Stephen Williams, Jack Rhoads, Barb Reynolds, Michelle Libasci, and Amy Murphy for sticking around and helping to run the games. Thank you, Christian Bering, for setting up the tables and being in charge of locking up the building at the end of the event.

Who’s up for Paint Wars 2017?! Coming THIS spring!


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