Anna and Kyle Walk the Aisle. Richmond Wedding Photographer

Kyle and Anna’s wedding on Saturday was beautiful, sincere, happy…and very wet. It literally didn’t stop raining all day from beginning to end, but that didn’t stop them or their family and friends from celebrating what the day was really all about–their marriage.

My daughter, Taylor, and I pulled up to the Virginia Power Boat Association Club House in Midlothian, Virginia shortly after 11 AM. Inside the club house, Anna, her bridesmaids, friends and family were busily putting the finishing touches on their appearances and the decor.

After photographing some details, I headed out to take the groomsmen’s pictures. Dressed in classic grey suits with light pink ties, these guys looked amazing. The picnic shelter provided the perfect spot to stay out of the rain yet still incorporate the river in the pictures.

The bridesmaids wore gorgeous floor-length pink dresses with gold jewelry accents. Anna’s dress was stunning…a strapless dress made of ivory lace with beautiful buttons up the back. But, her shoes were my favorite…gold, glittery wedges! WOW! These bridesmaids also came prepared with rain boots. Talk about cute pictures!

After wedding party and a few family pictures, the ceremony began. Each attendant walked down alone, with the exception of the maid of honor, Katrina, who escorted Anna and Kyle’s dog, and all the little people who walked down with their moms.

Anna and Kyle chose to see each other for the first time on Saturday as she walked down the aisle to him. After entering the ceremony alone, Anna’s mom and dad met her at the end of the aisle and escorted her to Kyle. Anna’s brother, Justin (who was the ring bearer in my wedding 28 years ago!!) was the officiant.

Kyle and Anna passed their rings throughout the gathering so each person there could touch and bless the rings. After a joyful and tearful exchange of vows and rings, Anna and Kyle kissed and were pronounced husband and wife.

More pictures, also in the rain, followed and then lots of dancing, drinking, and delicious food. Highlights of the reception included the bride and groom’s first dance, the “We Are Family” dance featuring the new couple with all of their immediate family, a special dance for Anna and her brother to the Dave Matthews song, “Sister,” a bridesmaid’s awesome rendition of “Ice, Ice Baby” and the bride singing Celine.

I loved meeting Anna and Kyle’s friends and family. Everyone I met said the same thing when asked about the couple. In summary, they said, “I’d do anything for them. They are the kindest, most thoughtful people we know.”

I’m so thankful to have been part of my sweet cousin’s special day. It was such a joy and honor to help Kyle and Anna preserve memories from the best day of their lives. Here’s to a happily ever after for them!

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