Our 9th Annual Beach Session. Virginia Beach Family Photographer

I’ve watched these kids grow up through the lens of my camera, and I am so thankful. The first time we did a beach family session the youngest was just a few months old. She couldn’t sit up; we had to prop her against her mom and dad’s legs just to get an individual  picture of her. (It turned out adorable, by the way.)

Through the years, our sessions haven’t always been without flaws, but they’ve always been fun.

There was the year we were attacked by giant biting horse flies. Each of us had our own swarm; it was miserable, but you’d never know it from the pictures.

Weather in late summer in Virginia Beach has made us need to reschedule our sessions more years than not. One year I think we rescheduled four times, but we’ve always end up with a beautiful day.

Then there was the year of the terrible wind; I don’t think there was a single image where the girls’ hair wasn’t blowing. (You know on professional model sessions, they actually pay someone to hold a fan so the model’s hair blows. No need for that with us.)

I love that this family and I share these memories. When we’re together, we talk about the Eagles and school and food. We make silly faces and run and play.We reminisce about previous sessions. Believe it or not, the kids look forward to their family photo shoot each year.  We have fun and we take pictures, too.

I love this dear family, and I’m already looking forward to next year’s TENTH annual beach photo session. I think we’ll need to do something special to celebrate!


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