Cheyenne, Cox High School, Class of 2017

Cheyenne was my very first #MWP4SeasonSenior! And WOW! Every session we did was simply amazing. Even the weather was perfect for each of her sessions.

SUMMER: Sunset at the bay. A warm, pink, orange, and yellow sky. Soft waves lapping onto sand. A gentle breeze blowing through her hair, and the smell of salt air.


FALL: Colorful leaves, beautiful light, downtown Norfolk, crisp evening air. Jeans that fit just right, rich warm colors, and a beautiful sunset.


WINTER: SNOW! Cold air, blue skies, hot coffee, and beautiful surroundings. The quiet that only comes after a snow and the world slows down.


SPRING! Buttercups and barns, green grass, and warm sun. Blooming white flowers. College t-shirt and Irish dance dress. Our 4 Season Senior Sessions draw to a close.



Cheyenne, Cox High School, Class of 2017! What an amazing, joyful, kind, beautiful, talented, and fun young woman! Watch out world…here she comes!

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