Rylee, Norfolk Christian, Class of 2017

One of the questions I ask my seniors on my MWP Senior Questionnaire is to tell me seven words, that I can “see,” that describe you.  Rylee’s 7 Words were: coffee, laughter, fashion, exercise, ice cream, music, dancing.

Rylee is way more than those seven words. She is kind, thoughtful, and full of joy. Her smile and laugh are genuine and full of life. There’s something about Rylee that assures you that she is for you, that she cares about you, and that she’s exactly who she seems to be. There are no pretenses with Rylee, and I love that about her.

We started our session in the morning near the Lynnhaven Fish House pier in Virginia Beach and then moved to Bayville Park off of Shore Drive. The light was gorgeous!

Rylee had three cute outfits that complimented her and the surroundings perfectly. Everything about the way she looked was authentic and real. I love how comfortable and natural she looks in all of her pictures. Don’t  you?

I loved that Rylee’s mom, Stacie, could come along on our session. What a sweet friendship these two have!  #momdaughtergoals

Rylee graduated from Norfolk Christian and is heading to Virginia Tech next year. I’m sure that Tech will be a much better place once she gets there.

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