Michael, Princess Anne High School, Class of 2017

Michael’s seven words: fun, bright, friendly, athletic, Jeep, southern, family.

Yep. That’s Michael.

There was little debate over the type of location Michael wanted for his senior pictures…rustic, outdoors, and someplace he could get pictures with his Jeep. Friends of mine had just the right location and were kind and generous to allow us to use their gorgeous property in Chesapeake, VA.

Michael was a natural in front of the camera. I think it’s because he’s comfortable with who he is, and he enjoys life fully.  We started with some fun Jeep shots then headed to the tree line, old house, and then the open field.

I’m a sucker for young men who love and honor their moms, and I’ve met few who do it better than Michael. In fact, I don’t think any other young man I know has EVER asked for additional pictures with his mom other than Michael.

For Mother’s Day I invited all my class of 2017 seniors to write a tribute to their mom for my Instagram feed. Here’s what Michael said:

“First, I would like to start off saying I love you which is the easiest thing to say. You were always there no matter the circumstances. Not many kids can fully grasp that everything a mother does is just because they love you. Recently I have been able to understand that, and it makes our bond even stronger. I am what I am today because of you, and I’m about to go off and start my own new path through life. And I feel ready to do so with your love and support. You’re the toughest woman I have ever met in my life, and I tell people that everyday. I love you, mom, and you deserve a Happy Mother’s day.”

I hope you enjoy looking at Michael’s pictures as much as I did taking them!

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