Joanna and Derek. Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer.

Joanna and Derek’s wedding was held at Sandbridge in Virginia Beach. Joanna was a picturesque bride with her beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes, and genuine smile. Derek, in dress whites, was handsome and happy, and his smile and laughter are contagious.

Theirs was a day rich in meaning and memory. Joanna’s mother lost her fight with cancer exactly ten years before the day Joanna and Derek were wed. Joanna was determined to honor her mother in as many ways possible on her wedding day. Joanna included memories of her mom in every detail by having pictures of her at the ceremony and reception, re-creating a bridal portrait that her mom had taken, having a special piece of jewelry made for her bouquet, setting a place for her mom next to her at dinner, and having pink stones in her engagement ring and wedding band. The care that Joanna took to honor her mom was inspiring.

Derek, too, had a deep desire to honor people at their wedding. A Naval Academy graduate, Derek is well aware of the very real sacrifices men and women in the armed forces make to protect and defend our freedom. At the wedding reception, Derek and Joanna had a POW Table in honor of all who were captured in the line of duty. In addition, the entire reception observed a moment of silence in memory of those men and women.

What a joy and blessing it was to share Joanna and Derek’s special day with them, to help them capture and preserve memories from their wedding day so that future generations will know the kind of love, appreciation, and loyalty they had for those who had gone before them.





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